The Doezal Community Centre in Grozny

(The Family Centre)


semya.jpgIt was at the end of 2005 that the Berkat Unincorporated Association assisted a number of women in Grozny in setting up the "Fond Semja" non-governmental organisation. We have worked with a number of these women for several years now since they themselves were once the recipients of humanitarian aid. Thanks to them we learned about the people worst affected by the events of the last civil war and with them we created the first self-help community, which with our help created its own educational and social programme. Together over time we were able to bring together all joint work to date as part of the Doezal Community Centre project (the Family Centre).


Today this Centre acts as a base for "Fond Semja", a place for its educational and training programme and the headquarters of social and medical services that are provided in the field and at the Doezal Centre itself. It is also here that the first self-employed earning activity has come about. Another, broader group of people helped by the programme has formed around the basic group of women that are paid for their work. These are often young women who come back, attend other courses and set up their own household workshops with our help. The society maintains its social, inter-generational and multi-ethnic aspect, which makes it somewhat unique in Grozny.


You can send your contributions to the Chechen collection account at Raiffeisen Bank, account number: 911676001/5500, constant symbol: 558, variable symbol: 555, SWIFT: EBNK CZ PP